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About Abou-Ghali

With a local and international public renown, the Group boasts a 35 years’ experience in sales and affiliations with leading global auto and truck manufacturers. Such including but not limited to HYUNDAI, CHERY, CHEVROLET.  The group operates with a "separate business unit" approach for its brands, yet consolidates a fully owned 10 Retail outlets network, and 6 after sales service facilities, coupled with its Wholesales network of around 28 sales, service and spare parts dealers spread throughout Egypt.
Annual sales are around 8,000 units from the group's product portfolio.
The Group's car rental sister company New Shahd Limousine, comes in business synergy and enjoys a leading market position in its industry, whereby more than 1000 units of its fleet -mostly from own brands- are operated on long-term lease basis with leading Telecom, and Financial Institutions, as well as luxury hotels.

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Providing all services related to the automotive field including Sales, After Sales Services, Financing, Insurance, Trade-In and Car rental and leasing. Providing all amenities to the customer through a highly experienced and professional team, starting from Customer Service, Sales Consultants, Technicians, and Engineers. Providing cars of different types to meet the needs and tastes of the market.

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We in Abou Ghali are determined to provide cars of different types to meet the needs and tastes of the market, so we offer two different types of cars, A segment, which includes Hyundai and Chery and a B segment, which includes carefully selected premium imported vehicles. We in Abou Ghali believe in the doctrine of respect in all aspects of services. We respect your time through the most efficient reservation system that allows periodic maintenance to be completed in the least time, and we respect your spending by not imposing additional work that your car does not need, and we respect your right to guarantee, And quality maintenance and original spare parts.

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